The Benefits Of Composite Decking

The benefits of composite decking.

Composite decking, the fantastic new trend in garden landscaping, is a marvellous way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house and garden. A supremely robust and versatile product, composite decking is available is a huge number of styles and designs – all of which add great appeal to your garden.

Decking is an expected addition to any garden especially over the past 10 years. This is because decking has evolved into wood composite mixes offering customers a stylish and incredibly robust product, whether classic or contemporary, decking can be bespoke to fit all budgets and tastes. Regardless of your deck desires extend to a large, raised deck, an island deck or one reaching from your patio doors into the garden before you; the decision – subject to budgets and design considerations – is yours.

Composite decking is very flexible – and provides additional room that’s just perfect for enjoying barbecues, playing with the kids, relaxing, dining or entertaining. A deck is one of the most desirable and appealing improvements you can make to your garden, Whatever your reasons for wanting one

An Australian bar uses composite decking on their roof terrace

Where the shapes, styles or sizes of decks are concerned, almost anything is achievable – in so far as finances will permit. However, there will be structural considerations, especially relating to safety – like whether it is to be raised or how it will cope with any number of people at a summer barbecue or party.

Composite Deck Boards look good most anywhere, and design elements you may like to consider are whether you want a sunny area for lounging, a private shady spot for entertaining or what style of deck will suit your home – whether detached or semi-detached, old or new. You may also have ideas about whether you want steps; balustrades, trelliswork, seating or other features built into your deck.

A deck can be installed at ground level, or, preferably, for a true ‘deck effect’, in an elevated position – especially when it runs off the back of a house. A composite decking installer will obviously take care of the details for you – but if attempting a DIY project it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s or supplier’s instructions to ensure a successful installation.

The varying styles of houses found in Britain naturally lend themselves to decks, and the TDA’s members are expert in designing and furnishing decks to suit all British homes – be they ever so humble, or ever so grand.

Composite decking supplied by Ecoscape UK for a property in Manchester, UK.

The Benefits of Composite Decking

We managed to source an insightful article created by one of the UK’s leading provider of composite decking, Ecoscape UK.

The article gives a good insight into how composite materials will benefit a range of famous homes and buildings throughout the world. This is article will hopefully give you inspiration when looking to complete your own decking and cladding projects.

You can see the article here: Composite Decking Inspiration.

To finish this article we also wanted to note 10 reasons as to why you should choose composite decking over timber;

1. Low Maintenance
2. Easy Installation with invisible fixings
3. Composite does not rot, warp or splinter
4. The composite material is ethically sourced
5. Natural look with no drawbacks currently possessed by timber
6. Long life span
7. Perfect for family life – Is designed to withstand heavy footfall
8. Improves the value of a property
9. Creates a bold statement
10. Great investment

We hope this article goes some way towards helping you with your next renovation / landscaping project.

For more information on the benefits of composite decking, cladding and associated materials please contact Ecoscape UK today on 0845 9011 988. Should you wish to find out more information on DIY check out our DIY scopes article here.

Do It Yourself Home Improvement- Scopes of Improvement

Many individuals pursue exclusive investment opportunities in the real estate arena. These investment opportunities might vary from one person to another. Do it yourself home improvement solutions include remodeling the entire house or any room of the house or the garden. Home improvement projects, regardless of their size, require proper planning along with some important decisions. Therefore, if you are not skilled at do-it-yourself remodeling or you do not have any idea about this field of work, it is better for you to stick to taking the services of a contractor. Another option for you would be trying outing your hands on small remodeling projects first and then giving your home a try. You could also try building your garden pond which will give you good confidence on trying out other large home improvement projects. Always remember that small home improvement assignments can also work wonders for your house by creating a visual impact and by improving the overall living space and amenity of your house.

Do it Yourself Kitchen Remodeling

 A well decorated and a thoughtfully planned kitchen serves as a good investment. Kitchen remodeling is not a small home improvement project, and therefore you need to be very careful when executing the project. There are some things that you can do to spice up the look and the feel of your kitchen. You can change the kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, and countertops. Upgrading the kitchen fixtures, cabinets and sinks can be a little difficult, but these are things that can easily be tackled by taking some expert advice.

Major Benefits of Do It Yourself Home Improvement

Home improvement is a term that generally covers almost everything related to a home. Do it yourself home improvement or remodeling is the procedure of making additions or renovating a home without hiring the services of a company or a contractor. Home improvements that are carried out by the homeowners themselves tend to be inexpensive. Do it yourself home improvement is carried out with the objective of increasing the resale value of a home before selling it. Some of the major benefits of doing it yourself home improvement includes:

A Lot of Money is saved

A lot of money goes into paying for the services offered by a contractor when a company is hired for home improvement. Professionals and contractors have this tendency of putting in a lot of money on different materials needed for home improvement. However, this is not the case when you choose the materials that you require for your home. You will always work on saving money on these things.

Expression of Creativity

Do it yourself home improvement projects serve as an opportunity for the homeowners to express their creativity. As an individual, you will have your very own vision, and you get the scope of expressing your vision and your ideas through a do it yourself home improvement project.

Other Important Aspects

Do it yourself home improvement projects not only help in saving money and in expressing creativity but also in changing the entire appearance of the home. Home improvement projects that are carried out most intricately are sure to increase the value of a home. They are always worth giving a try.